Apple Computer I Tech Specs

In this article, you will find out what’s the technical specification of Apple Computer I have also known as Apple I. You will find out what is the release date of this computer when it was discontinued or what it was its original price.

Apple I Release date and Original Price

IntroducedApril 11, 1976
DiscontinuedSeptember 1, 1977
Original Price$666,66
Model NumberN/A


ProcessorMOS Technology 6502
Speed1 MHz
Number of Cores1
Graphic Memory1 KB
Built-in Memory4 KB
Maximum Memory8 KB on-board
65 KB via Expansion connector
Memory Slots16-pin, 4K Dynamic, type 4096 (2104)

Connections and Accessories

SoftwareApple Integer BASIC with optional Cassette Interface
Display Connection1 – Composite positive video
Dual In-line Package (DIP)1 – for ASCII encoded keyboard
Expansion Slots1 – 44-pin Expansion connector
1 – Cassette Board connector
Media1 – Cassette Interface (Optional)


SoftwareApple Integer BASIC with optional Cassette Interface


Power58 W
Line Voltage8 to 10 Volts AC (RMS @ 3 amps, 26 to 28 Volts AC (RMS) Center-Tapped, 1A

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